My name is Jesse. I was born and have lived my whole life in Lebanon. My dad was Lebanese and my mom is Chilean with Lebanese origins. Three years ago I met my Dutch husband Erwin and since we have been travelling the world.

I speak 4 languages (Lebanese-French-English-Spanish) and recently I have been learning Dutch ___ Ik spreek een beetje Nederlands ___ My husband speaks 5 languages (English-Dutch-German-Russian-French) and now a bit of Lebanese___”ehhhhh, meche el hal” is his favorite___I guess we are pretty much international.

We travel every two week or so to European cities either by car or plane. We are pretty much on the roads most of times***not complaining*** We have traveled together to more than 25 countries and 50 cities together.

However, now that Erwin will be moving to a new job (starting first of June) travel will become much less. It means that our lifestyle will change as well.

After two years of writing about our wanderlust adventures, we felt it was time to change a little bit the direction of our blog: rest assured there will still be a lot of travel articles!

The first change which has alrerady occurred is related to the name of the blog: we switched from Jesse in Wonderland to La Vie Aubel. We are the Aubels after all and we are blessed with a beautiful life!

The second change which will take place at a later stage has a lot to do with another passion both Erwin and I share and it is called ¨FOOD¨. It will be featured as an additional section on the blog and will appear as food, restaurants, bars and recipes reviews and/or recommendations.

I hope you like the direction this blog is taking and I hope you keep reading and following us.

Wish us luck!