8 TV Series which inspire holidays-Part II-

As I have mentioned before in my previous article 12 TV Series that inspire holidays when we are not traveling, Erwin and I usually spend our evenings at home cooking a nice meal and catching up on our favorite TV Series.

Nothing can cure the side effects of traveling better than a homemade meal and cuddling on our couch. It is the perfect break from our travelers routine, a well needed pause until some TV series we’re watching remind us of the many places we still need to visit, or revisit.

If you’re looking to combine taking it easy and weekend exploring, I think the series I am about to suggest will do that for you.

I’ve already mentioned a few series in the Part-I- article which will not be part in this post except for Berlin Station because it takes us outside Berlin in season-2-.

Unfortunately, Game of Thrones has not made it to the part II list again because we have not watched it yet as I have already mentioned in a previous post.

However, here are 8 fabulous TV series that inspire us to travel and we hope it does the same for you.


Sense8 has this major wanderlust effect on travelers and it is not just me saying it. Big names in the travel industries like Conde Nast Traveler and Lonely Planet have stated that too.

The show is about eight people who all live in different parts of the world. The creators wanted to make the finished product as authentic as possible, so every scene is shot on location exactly where it is based.

The show took place across 15 cities and 13 countries—something no TV drama has done before. Here are a few of the major cities where the series has been shot: Amsterdam/The Netherlands, Nairobi/Kenya, Seoul/South Korea, Positano/Italy, Sao Paulo/Brazil, Kalkara/Malta, Mexico City/Mexico, Mumbai/India. 

You can see from the promo video above how wanderlusty it looks like!


The gangsters of McMafia are running global, criminal operations – from the palaces of Versailles through the Egyptian desert to the ports of Mumbai.

McMafia was filmed primarily in England and Croatia but the filming location list also includes Russia, India, Turkey, Qatar, Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovenia, Belize and Egypt. .

Croatia was reimagined as the South of France, Cairo, Istanbul, Moscow, Prague, India, Pakistan and, most surprisingly, London – for scenes set in the Norwegian embassy.

McMafia creator James Watkins told RadioTimes.com:

In Zagreb, the Old Town really could be Prague. You go two hours to the coast to Opatija and you really could be in the South of France, in the Croatian Riviera”.

“And then you head down the coast towards Split, and you get into more Turkish architecture, so you can double Istanbul. Or there’s an island called Prvić which is an island covered in sort of saltwash and sea, which is where we shot some of the Mojave desert material and then it really feels like you are in Egypt.

The Lancaster House in London was used as the actual filming of the Palace of Versailles where the Sun King welcomed his diplomats.

The Serbian capital Belgrade was used for scenes in Moscow, Prague and Istanbul.

Despite not being filmed in their true locations, the series still gives you this serious wanderlust, this urge to visit all the countries mentioned above.

You can notice from the trailer here above exactly what I am talking about.


Apart from watching a mystery unravel, there is always pleasure in watching spy movies and TV shows : often spies are sent on globe-trotting missions, which means that we, travelers/viewers will get to visit some exotic locales.

Despite the fact that the The Night Manager features two big celebrities called Hugh Laurie (aka the vilain) and Tom Hiddleston (aka the spy), it’s not too far fetched to claim that the real star of the thriller series was Mallorca itself!

Of all the luxurious locations in the world that could have been chosen to film The Night Manager, Mallorca was top of the list.

It’s hardly surprising since Mallorca gloats a sort of luxurious, upmarket locations ideal for a drama series dripping in wealth.

In fact, the series have unintentionally promoted quite a few stunning locations in Mallorca and therefore has sparkled a lot of interest in the island:

“Mallorca bookings are already up by 15 per cent this year, while Spain as a whole is up 7 per cent. The island is sometimes overlooked as an upmarket destination and these very positive images [as featured in the Night Manager], featuring five-star hotels and stylish restaurants, are definitely going to boost business”…Ted Wake of Kirker Holidays


Vikings follows the adventures of Ragnar Lodbrok and his lineage, a legendary 9th century hero who ravaged Northumbria, France and Britain. I won’t be giving any more details about the plot of the series, but I will be revealing a huge surprise called the set filming plot: one expects that the filming location of this series should be somewhere in Scandinavia. Nevertheless, all the seasons of Vikings have been filmed almost entirely in the Wicklow county of Ireland (until the latest ones)

After a short incursion into Canadian lands, the production has landed in Morocco and Iceland for shooting parts of season 4 and 5.

Despite being filmed in Ireland and in what is supposed to be the 9th century, Vikings still manages to give me all the feels needed to book our next flight to the Fjords of Norway, to Morocco and to Iceland.

BERLIN STATION-Spain-Nordic Region

Spies, spies and more lies. But there are no lies in the beautiful set locations of Berlin Station which extended it’s reach to the Nordic Region of Bergen/Norway and to the Spanish Andalusian Ronda/Malaga.

Personally Erwin and I fell in love at first sight with the sceneries in Ronda and therefore have booked our February week getaway in Malaga/Marbella. Bergen comes very close next, but for now we are seeking a little more vitamin D.

Thank you Berlin Station for a well deserved inspiration!


Miami’s image gets a grainy, high-tech makeover in StartUp. Add to that an online mystery, financial crime, race and class conflict  and some essential Miami characters like drug gangs and street shootings.

While most shows feature the blue-skies South Beach version, StartUp gives a dark and honest and raw image to Miami. There’s this booming tech community on one side and on the other you have all these diverse cultures and neighborhoods and different people living on top of each other: Little Haiti is just minutes from pristine neighborhoods like Biscayne Bay or Overtown is not too far from Brickell.

As Miami as all that sounds, “StartUp” is not, unfortunately, filmed there. Ketai and producers spent months researching the city. But Florida’s lack of tax credits for film productions sent “StartUp” to Puerto Rico.

Despite that minor setback, and that genuine dark Miami look, Erwin and I still crave the white sandy beaches and clear blue water of Miami!


Years after Versace was shot and killed on the front steps of his Miami mansion, the legendary home now exists as a hotel. The American Crime Story crew reportedly took full advantage of the fact that this artifact is still open for use.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, the local newspaper in South Florida, the production filmed in not only Versace’s former home, but also around Miami Beach as a whole.

Those who walked by the famed mansion during some of the shoots even reported seeing Edgar Ramirez, who plays Versace in the show, standing on a balcony in a pink robe and gazing out toward the sea.

They had us at Miami!!!

BIG LITTLE LIES-Monterrey California

The Northern California town of Monterey was chosen as a location set, for one the most awarded TV series of the year, because of its physical and hypnotic beauty and demographic mix. The rough, rugged coastline and the power of the ocean, which at times can seem angry and violent, came to represent all the drama that lies beneath the beautiful scenery.

Though the novel from which the series is based takes place in a fictional Australian town, the producers chose the show’s stateside locale for its dramatic scenery and built-in appeal. “It just has a hypnotic beauty. Aesthetically, we were looking to draw the audience in and have them say, ‘I want to go there on vacation,’” said creator David E. Kelley.

“When a big-budget television show or film is shot on location here in Monterey County, it not only has a positive impact on the local businesses and economy, but it also inspires people to want to visit,”confirms Tammy Blount, president and CEO of the Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

“We hope that travelers will want to come to our destination and visit the sites where scenes were filmed as well as everything our region has to offer.

Looks like they succeeded. You’ve got yourself two travelers who want to go there for not only a vacation, but would like to live there too!