Travel Trends 2018

As soon as 2017 made all its way out to the horizon, we started dreaming about the potential greatness of another 12 months on this beautiful planet.

For travel enthusiasts like myself, there is no greatness in any year that doesn’t include travel, discovery or chocolate!

As we all know, trends don’t only come and go when it comes to the fashion world but they do as well for the travel industry.

Before you book any of your travels for 2018, check out the current travel tendencies and choose what is convenient for you.

1- Culinary tours

While culinary trips as a part of holidays are already in place, it seems that what will emerge in the coming year is Food tours that will not only focus on dining or food tasting but rather more into the cooking style, history of cuisines, local flavours and traditions.

Gourmet travellers are joining local Chefs in Spain for hands-on cooking lessons and taking wine tours around Tuscany.

If I had you at culinary, then do check out here some fantastic tour ideas.  If it was up to me, I would book every one of those!

2-River Cruising

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Not all cruises are created equal 🛳💙 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• This was my 3rd cruise with @crystalcruises, but my first river cruise— and I can honestly say that while each style of cruising with them has been unique, they’ve all upheld the ridiculously impressive standard that is “Crystal.” I took my mom on her first international trip where we sailed from Puerto Rico to Rio on the Crystal Symphony at sea. I spent a week aboard the Crystal Esprit yacht discovering remote islands in the Seychelles. And I just finished the “Danube Christmas Markets” river cruise onboard the Crystal Mozart. For those of you that have been following my IG stories, you know that traveling Europe during the holidays was my DREAM TRIP and it really was beyond anything I could have imagined (Yes— that is an indoor pool and spa ON our cruise ship 😍). And while the cruise itself was beyond luxurious, each destination we sailed made the experience even more magical. From Christmas markets to medieval castles, this trip was truly unforgettable! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #crystalcruises #europe #rivercruise #christmas

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Cruising in the high seas has its own charm with large cruise liners seducing travellers with more luxury. However, some evolved travellers have now moved on to more intimate experiences such as river and canal cruises.

Experiencing exceptional comfort while exploring the heart of magnificent remotes areas in River cruises will be the flavour of 2018. Exploring magnificent cities in France as you sail in its inland waters like Arles, Avignon, Viviers, Tournon and Lyon or gliding along Russia’s river waters to explore Uglich, Yaroslavl, Kuzino and Kizhi, cruises like these have aroused the interest of plenty of travellers.

3- Voluntourism

  Contributing to change in its true sense and blending purpose with leisure are becoming a new norm for the Millennial travelers. Travelers being more environmentally and socially conscious are facilitating. Voluntourism across countries like South Africa, India, Cambodia, Nepal, Peru and Mexico to name a few will spread more throughout 2018.
4-Wellness Travel
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Wellness will emerge even more in 2018 as people are more focused on improving their physical and emotional well-being by travelling for meditation, spa, yoga, Ayurveda massages and bathing in mineral rich water bodies for rejuvenation.
Travelers are more and more inclined to take detox breaks in the Himalayas, pamper themselves in spa treatments in Thailand or Bali and revitalize through ayurvedic treatments in Kerala/India.
 5- Solo Travel
“Solo travel is the ultimate form of empowerment”
 The past few years have seen a flow in solo trekking, Traveling solo is on the rise, especially for women***Talk about girl power***
In fact, going on an adventure by yourself can give you incredible opportunities that wouldn’t be possible if you were traveling with a companion. You’ll learn to embrace new cultures more personally, make friends outside of your comfort zone, and discover how independent and self-sufficient you really are.
If you need tips on how to pull it through check out this article.
6-Multigenerational Travel
Meet the Aubels
While some are longing to explore solo, others are planning more all-encompassing family trips. Were not just talking about the nuclear family, but international getaways which invite the entire gang, from cousins to grandparents, to inlaws.
We have done it in 2017. We travelled to Lanzarote with Erwin’s family. They were 3 generations: Parents, Children, Grandchildren and me representing the inlaws.
Lanzarote was the perfect destination for a multigenerational travel, there was something for everyone there. For more information about Lanzarote, check out 12 reasons why Lanzarote should be your next travel destination

7- Double Destinations

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Google Trends has reported a 32 percent increase in users searching for multiple cities or countries on one ticket in the last few years, which indicates that this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

8- Glamping 

You want to explore the wonders of Nature but you are not too keen on the idea of sleeping on the ground? You’re not alone!!
Glamping is the perfect solution for that dilemma; it is a combination of the outdoors with more modern conveniences. It has boomed incredibly in recent years.
Venturing off into the wilderness but sleeping in cabin in lieu of a tent has become hugely popular and is expected to grow even more.
More and more people will opt for glamping options rather than traditional hotels in 2018.

9- National Parks

With prices of gas decreasing, more people are willing to drive to see the stunning mountains, deserts, glaciers, and hiking trails offered by many national parks.

Camping and hiking are popular activities for travelers from all walks of life and entrance fees are affordable for families of all sizes.

10- Train Travel

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3 of 30 Most Epic Adventures Before 30 🙌: Taking the train all around Sri Lanka! On this random journey I somehow ended up waking up to elephants outside of my hotel, chasing 3 waterfalls, climbing a mountain, and knocking someone's iPhone off this moving train (on accident)…then going back and FINDING it!!!! 😜📱🚞🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ . Sri Lanka is an enchanted adventurer's paradise that you really have to go see(I've also had people tell me they went just to replicate this photo lol)! Or for now see more of it on my Stories! . #30before30 #bucketlist #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #travelblogger #srilanka #srilankatrain #kandy #ella #goprogirl #goprotravel #instagood #tlpicks #beautifuldestinations

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In many countries, train travel is the way to go. More travelers optimizing their vacation at a slower pace has became more common.

As luxury consumers rediscover the romance of earthbound travel, tour and transit companies are stepping up their game to offer nostalgic journeys infused with contemporary design and amenities.

Luxury train travel isn’t new. In fact, it’s one of the oldest travel methods in the book. Sitting in the communal carriage for high tea is about as old school as you can get.

In many parts of the world, train travel appears ready for an upgrade since 2017.

Today, more and more options are available in many countries across many continents that allow tourists the chance to take in incredible views of different towns and stunning scenery from the comfort of their cabins.

11- Adventure travel

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Sooo yeah, THIS happened during the paddleboarding sessions in Antarctica!!! Good thing I speak Whale and was able to coordinate timing. I've been holding out on full details for my blog post about this epic paddleboarding adventure but am happy to announce it's now LIVE on my blog! (Link in bio) ⛴😱🐋 . Photo taken by our awesome @quarkexpeditions paddleboard guide/photographer @jimmy_pawistik! Follow them both for even more awesome photos!! . #BUCKETLIST #ANTARCTICA #whaletail #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #travelblogger #SUP #paddleboard #quarkexpeditions #instagood #instagram #natgeotravel #travelchannel #wearetravelgirls #girlslovetravel

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The average bucket list used to consist of the classics the Eiffel Tower, the Greek Islands, Times Square, etc. Today, merely because of the power of the internet and social media that list has been so much more diverse with more thrilling activities than ever in the must-do category.

Diving with sharks, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, and trekking through the Amazon are some popular activities for travelers seeking an adrenaline rush that offer experiences that not every tourist has scratched off their bucket list.

12- Wine destinations

Similar to the popularity of craft beer, wine-specific destinations have also experienced an increase in demand. Northern California, Chile, Argentina, and South Africa have become more popular choices for those seeking vino vacations.

Whether celebrating a romantic occasion or a girls’ weekend away, plenty of tour companies across the globe offer experiences that combine wine, culture, and beautiful scenery.