Around the World: 15 Restaurants we would go back to!

Every traveler knows this: a big part of traveling is eating out. Knowing where to have breakfast/lunch/dinner is essential in big cities, especially for food lovers like ourselves. We have never ever eaten in tourist traps restaurants. The tool we have always used to avoid those and still hunt for great restaurants has always been either tripadvisoor locals who take us or recommend us great places.

When we use tripadvisor, we make sure to read the reviews, we check menus on the restaurant’s website (when available) to make sure that they have options available for my gluten intolerance, we make sure prices are within the budget, then we book and eat.  Most of the times, this method prevails.

Some were good, others were very good, then a lucky few were unforgettably exquisite. This article is about those mouth-watering dishes we have had the pleasure of having all around the World and the urge to come back again will always remain.

The Netherlands:

1 The HanTing -The Hague 

Price range: $$-$$$

The only thing we would recommend about HanTing is to go to HanTing. Go and spread the word after you’ve tasted their heavenly food.

2Geisha –Amsterdam

Price range: $$-$$$

This is one of our favorite restaurants in Amsterdam. Every time we are there, we never miss the chance to have a bite at their beautiful restaurant.

Recommendation: Besides their delicious food, Geisha has this Lychee Scropino to die for. Order that as a dessert or as an aperitif.


3Park RestaurantBruges

Price range: $$$

If you feel like a classy and elegant restaurant, pleasurable food and an awesome service, that’s the place to be at.


4 Beirut Cologne

Price range: $$-$$$

This restaurant is my favorite Lebanese one outside Lebanon. Every bite I have feels like home. That’s where I go when I am homesick.

Recommendation: If you are a group of 4 and more, we advise you to choose the set menus. Make sure before you go not to have a big meal during the day because you will be very well fed and full after going to Beirut.

5Yabase –Dusseldorf

Price range: $$

Don’t expect fancy food or complexed flavours when you try Yabase menu. The flavours are as simple as they get and as authentic Japanese as they should be.

Recommendation: try the non-sushi menu. That’s your ticket to Japan.


6Pura Vida –Barcelona

Price range: $$

Although this place is known for his cocktails, they have one of the best tapas we have ever had. I am not talking about the typical spanish tapas here.

Recommendation: Order the South American tapas!


7Gordon Ramsey –Versailles-

Price range: $$$$

Besides the fact that Erwin proposed to me on that night (not in the restaurant though) after our dinner, the food experience we had on that night was exquisite: the food, the service, the wines, the breads, the butters….everything was worthwhile their 2 Michelin Stars. It was not cheap, but worth every penny!


Price range: $$-$$$

Saudade is an excellent Portuguese restaurant. It wasn’t our first choice when we booked it for my birthday: almost everything was closed for the Easter holidays. But it didn’t disappoint one bit. On the contrary, the food was surprisingly exquisite!

Recommendation: Choose a set menu: appetizer, main course, dessert. And choose the pork carpaccio as an entree: the best piece of meat I have ever had!

9Guibine –Paris

Price range: $$

Every restaurant at Saint Anne street is worth visiting: there are the Japanese majority, then there is a few Koreans like Guibine.

Recommendation: order the Bulgogi!

Czech Republic

10La Veranda –Prague

Price range: $$-$$$

This is one of those restaurants we have found by accident. We got hungry after a long walk . So we checked tripadvisor to see what is nearby, the restaurant was a minute walk away. Boy what a pleasant surprise that was! We still consider it the best lunch we’ve ever had.


11Yuu-kitchen –London

Price range: $$

Yuu-kitchen’s rating on tripadvisor is 27 out of 17,951 restaurants in London. So looking only at that number, you would think that it must be pretty good. Until you visit, try their food and you discover that it is actually divine. The South East Asian and Pacific rim fusion food is one of the best we’ve ever tried. 

Recommendation: order a few tapas with the Chilean pinot noir Maycas del Limari.


12Teatro –Dubai

Price range: $$-$$$

Teatro is one of the restaurants we were invited by a local resident. That’s how we discovered it and that’s why we will keep trying it. The service was impeccable and very personal, the food was top notch, and the energy of the Teatro was very uplifting. I should go back to Dubai, it has been a while!



Price range: $-$$

Again, we were invited there by a couple friends: Georgia and Fadi. Georgia works in Hamra, so she knew the area pretty well. I wanted to check the restaurant a while ago already and it worked finally when Erwin was visiting me in Lebanon. She was able to book the only table in the restaurant for the four of us; we had to share it with someone else of course (thank you Georgia & Fadi). That only adds to experience doesn’t it? Jai is super casual, you literally eat in the kitchen or on little tables on the sidewalk. The food is delicious, the best Asian food I’ve ever had in Lebanon.

Recommendation: Bring cash with you. You can’t pay by credit cards.


14Bocanariz Santiago de Chile

Price range: $$-$$$

Bocanariz is another restaurant we were invited to by locals, Tia Luz Amada, Tio Hugo and the whole family. I still remember having the best Salmon Tartare I’ve ever had there. Through their wine tasting we got to try the best wines in Chile, including our favorite Pinot Noir “Maycas del Limari”. I couldn’t be more grateful for my Tia and Tio and familia!

Recommendation: Have the Salmon Tartare and choose the trio wine selection with a Pinot Noir Maycas del Limari.


15Baoase Luxury ResortWillemstad

Price range: $$$

It was our first wedding anniversary and I booked a private surprise picnic dinner at the Baoase Luxury Resort. It couldn’t be more perfect than this: it was super romantic, food was delicious, the setting was like nothing we have ever done. I think it was the perfect choice for a celebration or a romantic surprise. When we remember it we still get a big smile on our face.

Recommendation: for ultimate romantic dinners, definitely book this picnic.