12 Reasons you should go to Tannourine

Believe me when I tell you that going to Tannourine as a young girl was a complete nightmare; my sister and I have always longed to spend our summers by the beach, definitely not in the mountains where Tannourine is actually located.

It took a long while for Tannourine to grow on me. My dislike for my village had nothing to do with the aesthetics of my beautiful hometown but more likely from it’s distance from the sea. I always felt the need to be at sea level; I guess my fear of heights kicked in at a very early age.

However, this is no longer the case for me. My love for my hometown has grown profoundly: I feel grounded, peaceful and happy every time I step into in my village. In fact, Erwin and I make sure to visit Tannourine almost every time we are in Lebanon. I can now visualize our Tannourine dream house with a garden, a white fence, cherry and apple trees, where Erwin and I along with our future children can spend our summers ***And they say people don’t change***

I have been missing Tannourine for a while now. I blame my homesickness first on the Winter Summit Rush event that was held there three weekends ago (Check out the slideshow below) and second on Instagram.

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Truth to be told, my aunt Marlene and cousin Majd have worked pretty hard to make Tannourine more attractive to visitors: between the Tannourine International Festival held in the Tannourine Cedars Reserve, the Christmas Village, and the Summer and Winter Rush Summits organized by Souk El Akel, Tannourine has been a must visit.

Now blaming Instagram is a rightful cause I promise: between my cousins and friends Instagram stories, nogarlicnoonions mouth watering food pictures, and my recent Instagram follow to a young talented photographer called Jack Harb, I was incredibly nostalgic.

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Who needs wings when you have skis? 🎿 ❄️⛷

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In fact with the growing influence of social media-Instagram particularly-on local activities, domestic and international tourism, many are already going to the Baatara Georges Waterfalls and to the Tannourine Cedar Reserve.

In that same social media promotion spirit I will use, including our own, the following instagram accounts Live Love Tannourine, Nogarlicnoonions, HarbJack, Tannourine _Cedars _Night, Insta_Tannourine to show you why you should go to Tannourine.

1- The Waterfalls- Baatara Pothole 

Whether it is Spring, Summer,  Autumn or Winter, those waterfalls are a must visit! They look surreal, like an Avatar movie set scenery.


2- The Cedars Nature Reserve

Day or Night, Winter or Summer, the Cedars are magistical trees and the Tannourine Nature Reserve is mystical. A lot of people are heading there for hiking. Check their walking trails here 

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You've got your desertlike Lebanon 🏜 and I have got my scenic one🏞. I am addressing these false assumptions about my homeland in my new article series: "Lebanon and the Beautiful". I want to make sure you enjoy my beautiful country and hopefully one day visit it. I bet you are already bored with the same old touristy "been there done that" places, that is why I am offering you new horizons to a fabulous destination. Here is a quick peak into the magical Cedars forest in Tannourine. Wanna know more about this enchanted destination, check it out my new article (link in bio). Meanwhile, don't miss the badass event #tannourinesummerrush happening as we speak! You have got the chance to sleep among the stars starting tonight⛺️ . . . . . . . . . #Lebanon#tannourine#livelovetannourine#travel#travelblogger#traveldiaries#iamtb#instadaily#picoftheday#love#naturepicture#tb#mustdo#livelovebeirut#instalike#instafollow#instapic#naturelovers#beautifuldestinations#lonelyplanet#cntraveler#lebanontraveler#wanderlust#nomads#instalebanon#mybeautifullebanon#traveladdicts#visamiddleeast#NotATourist

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 3-Rock  Climbing

RAD has created a climbing Park in Tannourine. This project has breathed new life into the village. According to RAD, the reputation of Tannourine as a rural tourism destination for rock climbing has been established through the completion of a USAID grant, the first of its kind in Lebanon, and in terms of rock climbing for development, it seems to be a world first.  You can read more here

4- Summer and Winter Summit Rush

  • The Winter Summit Rush- March 2017

There was snow, music, bungee jumping, ski doo, snowshoeing (raquette), hiking, walking the Nature reserve with guides and the famous Souk el Akel special edition Winter street food. The perfect event! 

  • The Summer Rush- August 2016

You can see from the video and pictures below how daredevil and badass this event was. There was 4×4 tracks, ATV discovery tour, Motocross track, Tyrolienne, Souk el Akel Street food out in nature, music and concerts, fireworks, biking, hiking, paragliding and camping. Couldn’t get better any than this!

5-Tannourine International Festival

In a few words, the Cedars Forest Reserve was enchanted by a fabulous theatrical play, a great organisation and the best audience.

6-The Old Typical Churches:

To tell you the truth, this church is my World favorite church. It is situated on the Tannourine Fawqa Plaza. It is called the Mar Challita Church.

7The Monastery of Houb

“The village of Houb, whose name in Syriac means Love, stands on the heights of Tannourine, fifty-five miles from the capital Beirut and at nearly four thousand feet above sea level. There on a picturesque hill, and surrounded by cedar trees and mixed forest, is the monastery of St. Anthony the Great. Built by monks to a height of three stories, the interior is formed of arches.  Joseph and William MatarTranslation from the French: Kenneth Mortimer

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My imagination is a monastery and I am its monk.

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8-The best food

There are a few things I only eat in Tannourine: the saj manouche (the Lebanese pizza). I have a gluten allergy and I have stopped eating gluten and wheat products almost two years ago. The only exception to this lifestyle is the Tannourine Saj Manouche that I buy and eat at the small bakery in the Tannourine Fawka plaza. It’s totally worth it and it doesn’t even hurt my stomach!  

The second best thing I only eat in Tannourine is any kind of raw meat especially the Kebbe Nayye(The Lebanese steak tartar) from the Tannourine Butcher, it is actually Erwin’s favorite thing. 

9-Lunch by the river

There are two restaurants in Tannourine el Tahta you can have lunch at and both are by the river. Both are recommended when you feel like a good and decent Lebanese meal and a great location. 

  • Multaka Al-Nahrein: Traditional Lebanese Food. Reservations and walk-ins are welcome. Telephone: +9616 520 811 or +9613 116 982
  • Wadi El Deir Restaurant It’s an outdoor restaurant that serves local specialties. Telephone +9613 523 563


Tannourine broke the stereotype fixed ideas that villages are boring. Our Tannourine is made for people with strong hearts.  Tannourine is definitely the Lebanese Adrenaline Capital. 

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Weekend is coming ❄️👨‍👨‍👧‍👦

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Don't stay calm, it's snowmobiling season. 😼

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11- Star Gazing 

“Look at the stars, look how they shine for you and everything you do. Yeah they were all yellow.” The song was definitely inspired by a outdoor night in Tannourine! 

12- Pic to impress

There was an era when we used to dress to impress. Now we Instagram to impress. Let’s be honest here, we take pictures and post them on Instagram to impress. Believe me, for that reason also, Tannourine is the place to be.  

As you can see, Tannourine has a lot to offer from wild adventures to food and music festivals, delicious local food, awesome hospitality and a grounding humbling experience. I know I will head there as soon as the plane lands on the Lebanese soils. What about you? When will you head there?