12 TV Series that inspire holidays

When we are not traveling, Erwin and I usually spend our evenings at home cooking a nice meal and catching up on our favorite TV Series. Nothing can cure the side effects of traveling better than a homemade meal and cuddling on our couch.

Truth to be told, no one likes to discuss the negative effects that travel has on a frequent traveler: it is not all rainbows, unicorns, roses and peaches. Believe me when I tell you that it is tiring, extremely tiring both physically and mentally. Now those nights we spend watching our favorite series are exactly what our bodies require and need: rest!

It is the perfect break from our travelers routine: plan a trip, book a hotel/airbnb, ticket, rent a car, catch a flight, wake up early, pack/ unpack then pack again…A needed pause until some TV series we’re watching reminds us of the many places we still need to visit, or revisit. I am not talking about Game of Thrones here because we have not watched it yet as I have already mentioned in a previous post.

In fact, there are many more TV series that have already inspired their fans to visit the filming location and they are fabulous.

1- Bloodline (Netflix)- The Keys

As I have mentioned in a previous post, The Keys is definitely on our bucket list for 2017. A part of this recent longing has to do with the Bloodline series. Besides the fact that the story is brilliant and the acting is superb, the series location is breathtaking:  it’s often said that the Florida Keys are as much a star of Bloodline as any member of the cast, and there is a lot of truth in that.


2- The Medici, Masters of Florence (Netflix)- Florence

Medici Masters of Florence is the 8-episode series that tells the story of the family that helped the Renaissance to flourish and changed the face of Italy. The series takes place in the early 15th century, and the place is Florence where the Medici are rising to power in the Florentine Republic. 

Between political scheming, power-hungry families, passionate individuals, betrayals and murder, there is Florence and you-as a viewer-falling in love with Florence. Erwin and I have both not yet been to Florence, but it is definitely on our list now. Right Erwin? Grazi Medici!


3- Dexter (Showtime)- Miami

I am very aware that most of the locations used to film Dexter were actually in California and not in Miami, yet the idea of serial killer like Dexter being in Miami doesn’t reduce our longing to go there . So when we will, it would be both to Miami and The Keys….it should be, I hope.


4-Sex and the City (HBO)- New York-Manhattan

Just so you know, Erwin wanting to go to New York has nothing to do with Sex and the City….Mine does. And I am sure I am not the only one… ***who rule the world? Girls Girls***


5-Planet Earth II (BBC Earth)- The World

Forget about what I said earlier about us being sometimes tired of travelling. Those effects are soon forgotten while watching Planet Earth- Season II- Our planet Earth is a piece of Art and I hope one day we can visit every corner of it.


6-WestWorld (HBO)- Utah  

First there was Game of Thrones, now there is the Westworld. Between the innocence and beauty of Dorothy, the deepness of the script and Anthony Hopkins, you still cannot miss the beauty of the set location of Westworld with it’s extensive landscapes and wrecked panoramas. Utah has gotten a lot of attention because of the series. I know it got ours.


7- Poldark (BBC)- Cornwall 

 I wished many times I was Demelza riding that horse through the cliffs with Captain Ross Poldark . The sceneries are spectacular.Yes you heard me correct, the filming locations are breathtaking (Proof is here) Ok ok, so was HE… I confess! Happy now?


8-Downton Abbey (Carnival film)- The English Countryside-London

It is not only the  fascinating lives of the aristocrats and the servants who lived in Downton Abbey which got my attention while watching Downton Abbey, but also the Castle, the English Countryside and even London. I am not the only one: in fact, the Ohio state University has organized a Downton Abbey inspired journey to the English countryside for 4,000 euros! Other tourism company like Friendly Planet Travel have organized a six day trip and a chance to Celebrate the Christmas Ball 2016 in the famous castle for 2,500 euros . In other terms,  wanting to live your life as rich Aristocrats doesn’t come cheap.

The good news is we are going to London in March.


9-Hawaii Five O (CBS Production) – Hawaii

While crime drama don’t often inspire travel, shooting one in Hawaii can definitely overrule this presumption. I mean come on, it is Hawaii  we are talking about here! I am sure you can imagine some of the sceneries.


10- Berlin Station (Epix)- Berlin

Spies, Lies and Graffitis. We’ve got to see many those art scenes in the Berlin Station T.V series. Emilie Trice (art critic) has called Berlin “the graffiti Mecca of the urban art world” In fact, the street art in Berlin is a big industry. It’s not exactly legal, but the city’s title of UNESCO’s City of Design has kept local authorities from doing much to change what observers call the most “bombed” city in Europe. From the authorities point of view, the graffiti attracts tourists, and the tourists bring money to a city. Pretty soon, we’ll bring our money to Berlin. They had me at graffitis!


11-The Young  Pope (HBO)- The Vatican

Have you watched the Young Pope? You definitely should! Pius XIII (fictional) is portrait as a Supervillain who shatters the norms of his profession (The Papacy) and radically shakes up the institution (The Church) he was elected to lead. He drinks Cherry Coke for breakfast and smokes in the residence where it’s forbidden; he refuses to pose for photos or to allow the creation of new papal memorabilia. While some have considered the Young Pope to be “House of Cards meets the Vatican” with Cardinal Voiello plots being compared to Frank Underwood (House of Cards) others have compared Pius to President Donald Trump: in his twisted ways, Pius XIII wants to make the Church great again. 

Personally, all I know is that going to the Vatican will make me feel whole again especially with the tiny chance of running into my beloved Pope Francis (non fictional) 


 12-Rome (HBO)- Rome

As you would expect from an HBO series, the writing, directing, acting, and overall production quality are first rate. The costumes, set design, etc. all look like they come from a major feature film, not a TV show. The production had worked hard to recreate a 50 something B.C Rome.  I believe their attempts were successful enough that it made me miss Rome and long to come back.


What about you? Which are your favorites? Do you have any other TV series that would inspire all of us to travel?