25 destinations which should be on your bucket list for 2017

It’s February already and whether time is an illusion or not, I’ve just come to realize that 2016 is officially over. Maybe it took me a while to come in term with that; my reminiscences of that fabulous year have already made me nostalgic : while my husband made our travels magical, Mother Earth turned me into a storyteller.

“Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”Ibn Battuta, The Travels of Ibn Battutah

The following 25 places we’ve visited in 2016 made our year pretty fulfilling. I  can only hope our travels will inspire your 2017 ones.


Now whether you believe these myths were true or not is clearly up to you. All I can ask of you is to visit this wonder of the ancient world. Believe this at least: you will be transported to a realm beyond your wildest imagination…that I can promise you!

Jesse In Wonderland, 7 Mysteries about the World: 7 Myths about Baalbeck


One of my biggest fears was to go there and be disappointed by an overrated attraction. I couldn’t conceive the thought of such a small city with such a big impact on travellers. I was wrong ***yeah you read me right*** Experiencing Venice for the first time feels like you are being transported to another time, a time of glory, freedom, joy, celebration, art, fashion, music, a time of pure romance like no other place.

Jesse In Wonderland, Why you shouldn’t go to Venice

3-Chile- Rounding Cape Horn

What makes rounding the Horn a very appealing destination to worldwide adventurers is this mixed feeling of mortality, uncertainty, excitement, fear, triumph and self-consciousness, alongside the risks and the hazards, the fierce and demanding reputation of the Horn.

It is not skydiving, or swimming with the sharks, but I assure you it is as life-affirming. After all you will have the chance to become one of those few who were able to round the most dangerous ship passage in the world, and if that doesn’t get you that tiptoeing-the-cliff-edge buzz shooting around your body, than I don’t know what will.  

Jesse in Wonderland, The Fifties and the Furious

4- Chile- Valparaiso

If there one city that is beautiful because of it’s messiness, it is Valparaiso. The cruise we took last March ended up in Valparaiso. Tia Yvonne and Tio Kaka picked us up from the Terminal and gave us a quick tour to Vina del Mar and to Valparaiso. We had two hours before the bus left to Santiago. Although my uncle and aunt lived in Vina del Mar and prefered it, I, on the other hand, fell in love with Valparaiso: it was colourful, artistry, chaotic, magical. It was as if I was looking into the mirror, Valparaiso felt like a part of me. If I had to come back to Chile, Valparaiso would be one of the first places I would go back to. 

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5- Chile- Osorno

6-Argentina- Ushuaia

Even if my love story with Ushuaia was short, it forever changed me. I could never forget it this aw moment I had the first time I laid my eyes on Ushuaia, unless for some reason beyond my control I got Alzheimer’s or some sort of Dementia. If that happens, Erwin darling, please read me this post and show me the pictures again and again and again. Don’t you give up on us in Ushuaia!

Jesse In Wonderland, The End of the World

7- Argentina- Buenos Aires

8- Uruguay- Punta del Este

9-Uruguay- Montevideo

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One upon a time, in a kingdom far far away👸🏼🏰 The Palacio Taranco was designed by the same famous architects of the Petit Palais in #Paris, the Arcades du Cinquantenaire in Brussels(Charles Louis Girault). A visit to the palace is not only a small peak into France in the heart of the old city of Montevideo but also a glimpse of the unbelievable wealth 💰and sophistication of the Uruguayans. It is one of the top free things to do in Montivideo🇺🇾#lavieaubel . . . . . . . . #throwbackthursday#uruguay#montevideo#southamerica#travel#traveldiaries#travelblogger#travelcouple#iamtb#palace#princess#instadaily#instalike#instamood#love#wanderlust#traveladdict#beautifuldestinations#beautifulcities#palaciotaranco#erwinjesse#instacouple#wander#happywife#followme#tourism#takeusback #loveselfietravel

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10-Curacao-Mambo Beach

In fact, Curacao  is one of those underestimated destinations with a lot to offer. Not only a beach destination, it’s  very diverse for a small island: you’ve got the beaches, the UNESCO Heritage coloured center, the mountains, the desert, the nightlife, the great food and my most surprising part was their fascinating  underwater world, which we have discovered without the need of any diving.

Jesse In Wonderland, The Beautiful Inside- Out Curacao

11- Curacao-Little Curacao


We booked a trip to Klein Curacao with Mermaid Boat trips. The boat ride to the small island is two hours. We definitely took some motion sickness pills to make sure we’d enjoy the trip. I ended up sleeping on the beach the whole time. Erwin on the other hand snorkeled quite a lot. But word of advice, the sea can get pretty tough, so do get those motion sickness pills and have them at least half an hour before the trip starts.

Klein Curacao is one of those must do if you go to Curacao. I will stop at that and leave the rest for another article.

Jesse In Wonderland, The Beautiful Inside- Out Curacao

12- Curacao- Blue Room Cave

It is definitely the highlight of our trip. It is quite a unique place. Let the photos show  you why.

Jesse In Wonderland, The Beautiful Inside- Out Curacao

13- Suriname- Paramaribo

14- Malta- Valletta

Have you ever been somewhere you enjoyed so much yet you forgot to take pictures of it? Malta is that place for me. This magnificent old city is so impressive that it would leave anyone speechless. The fascinating history of  Malta make it sound like the Camelot kingdom.

Jesse In Wonderland, My favorite pictures around the Globe

15- Austria-Vienna

The majesty of Vienna is incomparable to any other: the city exudes art and utter class. We are talking about the city which embraced both Mozart and Beethoven, which enkindled the famous Waltz, the oldest of the current ballroom dances. Opera might have started in Italy, yet the most famous opera house is in Vienna. I will confess: we’ve skipped the opera part during our last visit to Vienna, because we knew we would be coming back.

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16- Spain-Lanzarote

17- Spain- Barcelona

Barcelona is well known for having a Gaudi’s park and la Sagrada Familia. And I am sure you have seen so many amazing pictures of both. Except I like this almost forgotten gothic feature of Barcelona, an aspect that had such an impact on Gaudi the Master! 

Jesse In Wonderland, My favorite pictures around the Globe

18- France- Paris

If you already have been there, then come back again! There is always something new to see in Paris: small streets to discover, more exhibitions to attend to, more museums to visit, more bistrots to dine in, hidden gems to bring to light, more wines to be sipped, more strolls by the Seine, rekindled relationships and last but not least a “je ne sais quoi” eager to be solved!

Jesse In Wonderland, Paris is always a great idea

19- France- Versailles


21- Czech Republic- Prague

It is so good to finally get a picture in Prague without many people in it. I just love hidden corners!

Jesse In Wonderland, My Favorite pictures around the Globe

22-Germany- Hamburg

23Netherlands- Amsterdam


Instead of “The Venice of the North”cliche, I decided to nickname Amsterdam “The Bermuda Triangle for bikes”: 25,000 bicycles end up in Amsterdam’s canals each year. Strangely, only 8,000 bikes are pulled out of the canals annually . Where did the other 17,000 bicycles go??***Cough, Bermuda Triangle***

Now let’s talk some canals: Amsterdam has more than 100 kilometres of canals, 165 canals, 90 islands and 1,500 bridges. If locals aren’t on a bike, they may well be on a boat. With its canals and gigantic harbour, this city reclaimed from the sea offers numberless occasions to wander and get lost in the city.

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24- Netherlands-Keukenhof Gardens

If this park is on your bucket list, like it was for me, then I  highly recommend you to visit it. When you are there you get the impression that you are constantly surrounded by an earthly rainbow. It is one of the most beautiful parks I have ever been to and the busiest as well. So don’t expect a very zen experience: just keep in mind that you may not be able to to connect with nature and meditate for it is too crowded .

Jesse In Wonderland, May Tulip Fever

25- Netherlands- The Hagues