10 things you didn’t know about Paris

The first time I travelled to Paris was in 2013. I’ve had many opportunities to go there before; I was even invited to spend Valentine there once but the invitation was obviously declined: it wasn’t personal or anything but I’ve always rejected the idea of travelling to Paris. I guess it has always been my utter dislike of popular things which has held me back: most people liked Jerry, I still like Tom. While most kids were playing with their toys, I was reading. While most women were dreaming about their big wedding day, I was making plans to elope. While women were wearing their big white wedding dress, I wore a pink one. And while everyone I know was traveling to Paris, I was doing my best to avoid it.


That was my story until May 2013: I had the opportunity to go to Paris for an internship at the French Court of Appeal. So as stubborn as I was and still am,  I decided to go there and hate it. Little did I know that this city will become my favorite, or that I will go back so many times yet still long for it-we just came back yesterday, and I miss it already- last but not least, that I will meet the love of my life, my husband, under the Eiffel Tower!

I have been to Paris 14 times. I even lived there for a month, and just when I thought I’ve got Paris all figured out, I was wrong….again.

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Did you know there are two Arches de Triomphe in Paris🗼? The most famous one is called l'Arche de Triomphe de l'Etoile⭐️ The one in the picture is called l'Arc de Triomphe du Carousel. It was built by the Emperor Napoleon as a replica of the Arche of Constantine (312 AD) in Rome🏟. It was meant as a getaway for the Tuileries Palace (the Imperial Palace). The destruction of the #tuileries Palace in 1871 allowed an unobstructed view (west) toward the most famous Arc de Triomphe🤘 L'Arche du Carrousel is also aligned with the #obelisk in the Place de la Concorde, the center line of the grand boulevard #champselysees and the Grand Arche de La Défense😎 . . . . . . . . . #paris #france #europe #arcdetriomphe #arcdutriompheducarrousel #louvre #travel #travelingram #travelblogger #jesseinwonderland #wanderlust #wanderer #traveler #historicalcities #history #architecture #arches #love #photography #photooftheday #photo #super_france #loves_paris #parisjetaime #citylights #beautifuldestinations #hello_worldpics

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Last Wednesday, while I was waiting for Erwin to come back from his meetings, I got myself social media busy: while I was posting a few pictures of the City of Light on our I.G and reading about Paris to caption as useful informations for our followers, I encountered many interesting facts about the City of Love. I managed to share 2 on Instagram, but there were many more and some were pretty very funny actually.

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Au revoir Paris🗼See you soon…in March😎 Did you know that Paris is called the City of Light/City of Lights? The term "City of Light" is translated from the French term "Ville Lumière ". Many debate that 🗼owes this nickname because of it's fame as the center of education and ideas AND it's early adoption of street lightings. While others argue that the actual meaning of "ville lumière" has been lost in English translation and is only meant as the city of enlightement and has nothing to do with lights😎🤓 Which do you prefer? 🙄🤔 . . . . . . . . #france #europe #paris #cityoflight #villelumiere #history #factcheck #facts #travel #travelingram #travelblogger #jesseinwonderland #louvre #citylights #city #ig_europe #super_france #wanderlust #wanderer #traveler #traveldiaries #traveltheworld #photography #travelphotography

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Here are 10 more things you didn’t know about Paris:

1- Statue of Liberty:

No need to go to New York anymore: there are at least three replicas of the Statue of Liberty in Paris. The most famous of the three exists on an island in the middle of the Seine and looks towards her sister statue in New York. 

2- Emmanuel:

The main bell of the Notre Dame Cathedral is named Emmanuel and weighs over 13 tonnes.

3-The Eiffel Tower:

The Eiffel Tower was supposed to be a temporary installation, intended to stand for 20 years after being built for the 1889 World’s Fair.

4-The Iron Lady

The Eiffel Tower and Margaret Thatcher share the same nickname – La Dame de Fer -The Iron Lady.

5-Paris is not only in France 

In total, there are 38 cities called “Paris”across the world: from the United States to Sweden and even in Panama.

6-Stop sign

Up until 2012, you could only find one single “STOP” sign in all of Paris. This sign was located at the exit of a construction material company in the 16th arrondissement. The sign has since been removed.


The regional train system in Paris was going to be called the “Métro Express Régional Défense-Étoile”, which would have resulted in the initials M.E.R.D.E. But since that translates to “shit,” the name was very quickly changed to “Réseau Express Régional”(R.E.R).

8-La Place des Etats-Unis

The Place des États-Unis (in the 16th arrondissement) was originally called the “Place de la Bitche”, but the name was modified because it was a little bit embarrassing, for obvious reasons.


Paris was originally a Roman City called “Lutetia.”There are still remains of Roman ruins in the capital, the Arènes de Lutèce next to the Place Monge.

10- The Notre-Dame Cathedral

Believe it or not, the monument that is visited the most in Paris is the Notre-Dame cathedral with more than 14 million visitors in 2014.

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