Valentine gifts for travelers

First there was Christmas, then New Year, now it is almost Valentine. Time is fast and furious so fasten your belts and enjoy shopping for your beloved traveler, whether it is your partner or even better yourself.

1-Carry on luggages 

For Him

Boarding a plane can be one of the most stressful things ever! You invariably end up lugging a million and one things with you – laptop bag, boarding pass, wallet, passport, jacket, hand luggage…you name it. Now getting the things you need when you need it, can often seem like a juggling act. The Samsonite Ultimocabin was created to put at ease these panic moments:  it’s double compartment system allows you to keep your business and personal items separated. It’s interior features include a front pocket, padded laptop and tablet compartment, small pockets for phone, passport and tickets and a large pocket for documents, this carry on is the perfect gift for any traveler. I speak out of experience; I have bought it for my traveler husband. It is perfect! 


For Her

That was the perfect gift for me. My husband knows me well and how fond I am of the whole Cherry Blossom. Besides it’s beautiful esthetics, this SUITSUIT carry on has perfect compartments and is very light to carry on. I highly recommend it!



While traveling, nothing is more perfect than having your own set of headphones to listen to your special playlist or watch your favorite movies/series .

You can spend a lot of money on Bose headphones; it is indeed a great brand with great features and the perfect sound system, or you can find alternative brands with excellent sound quality and more affordable prices.  Personally, we’ve got ourselves two pairs SKULLCANDY headphones and we highly recommend it. Check it out here.


For 100$ you can get HIM a pair of those badass headphones


For 50$ you can HER a pair of these cuties.



We live in an era where phones have replaced cameras, tablets laptops, and laptops well MacBook Air is still standing. Why would they be the perfect gifts for travelers? 

Phones are light weighted which is the perfect when travelling and they now contain all the informations and apps you need to have the perfect flight. Personally, I am and will always be an Iphone fan. I ‘ve got my eyes on the Iphone 7***Hint hint***

As for Tablets, I believe they are perfect as a replacement for the heavy laptops, to watch movies,  listen to music or read an ebook, specially on long flights(that’s how we survive them). These days with the wireless keyboards you can even use the tablets as laptops! I would never use them to take pictures though. Personally, I love my Galaxy tablet. 


As for Laptops, the perfect gift for a traveler would be the MacBook Air. It is thin, light and powerful and although tablets can replace any other laptop, I believe they cannot and should not replace the MacBook Air. 


There are always the usual suspects Canon, Nikon… even for me. To my big surprise I watched a video filmed completely with a Samsung Smart Camera NX30 and I fell in love with it. Check the video here and say it isn’t so. 



For Her


While browsing through the samsung cameras I found the NX300: I read the reviews and it seems to be a pretty good bargain.


Don’t underestimate the need for your cosmetics while travelling. Especially when carrying hand luggage only, you’ve got yourself the under 100ml rule.

My nowadays favorite brand is a Dutch one called Rituals. Rituals was born out the idea that with a little effort, you can create more happiness. From collections called Sakura, Samurai, Laughing Buddha, Lights, you can’t help yourself to feel at ease already. The good news is that  they have their own travel sets which can be found in most duty free shops in the Netherlands especially and throughout Europe. Check their website here 





6-Power Bank

We all know the perks of travelling with a power bank. You never have to worry about low batteries for your phone, tablet’s, cameras ….We’ve got an Eddga power bank and with it’s 20.000mAh we sometimes don’t even need to connect it to a wall plug for several days.




You can take this speaker everywhere with you, when you are camping, picnicking, beaching, in your own hotel room, for a romantic night in your airbnb. Just connect it via bluetooth with your iphone or tablet and your favorite playlist will be coming out with a rich clear field filling out your room. We love it! 



8-Action Cameras



Everyone is obsessed these days with their Gopros and they should be. That’s one idea for a gift and then if you do want to pay less, there is another great option called SJCAM.  You can get the SJ500o Elite for 139$ while a GoPro Hero 5 is 429$. We have our own SJ, the older model, and we absolutely love it’s pictures.

9- Comfortable seat


You can get that for 60$

Imagine you can carry your own comfortable seat with you. Fatboy-Lamzac have made that possible. Without air, this small “bag” weight 1.18kg-2.6lbs. Easy to pack along don’t you think? Very easy to inflate, it is perfect for outdoor activities, whether on a beach, on the top of the mountain, in a festival, or even in your own backyard. 

10- Travel tickets


What you already know about your travel partner is that material belonging count less. What HE/SHE actually longs for is making memories,  get out of the comfort zone, being challenged. I do advise to book yourselves a short valentine trip. Nothing says romance more than supporting your better half and sharing their passions. I believe that would be the best gift SHE/HE would get. (For out -of-Lebanon readers check out Le voyageur  Valentine packages)


There are 24 days left for Valentine, what are you planning to do?