My 12 bucket list destinations for 2017

A new year, a new start, a new know the typical cliches. Personally, all I care about is New Destinations. I have 12 in mind for 2017

1-Russia-Saint Petersburg

I think I want to follow these two everywhere, but I will be content with their Russia.

 2-Peru- Chile- Bolivia

Who said you can’t touch the rainbow? You can touch it, walk on it, smell it, climb it…The Vinicunca Mountain aka the Rainbow mountain is dream trip for many travelers, including us. We hope to make it before the kids arrive. Now my ultimate bucket list adventure tour doesn’t stop in Peru, it includes Bolivia (the Uyuni Salt Flats) and Chile (the Atacama desert). Click here and tell me it isn’t so?

3-The ABC islands

The ABC islands is the name given to the Dutch Caribbean islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. As I hope you know by now we have been to Curacao a few months ago… yet we are still under it’s spell (Read here to know exactly why). We definitely are planning to go back and add to the trip two other beautiful nearby islands:  Aruba and Bonaire. I think Caribbean says it all.


Everyone who knows me understands pretty much how fascinated I am by the Japanese culture. I always have been, already since I was a child: I used to feel that the Japanese flag was mine ***Maybe my inner child knew something I did not?***

The contrast between the old, the traditional and the new captivate all my senses. I think the picture above says it all. 

5-Norway-The Northern Lights

Erwin has been to Norway twice just to catch the Northern Lights. I haven’t, not once. Honestly, I had no clue what Aurora was before I met him. And now that I more familiar with it, I am certain that my enchantment with Van Gogh’s  Starry night was a preparation for my  current obsession with the Northern Lights.

I believe Van Gogh was trying to paint the Northern Lights?


As I have already mentioned before , I have never watched Game of Thrones ***Please don’t hate me*** and although it made Croatia a top-destination, my interest in it has been purely esthetic. Well, can you blame me? 


Again, not because of Game of Thrones, but most probably because of Game of Thrones fanatics. Well, Essaouira is Instagram picture perfect location. Don’t you think?


I am Lebanese, and while Lebanon has always been neighboured by Jordan I have never been there. In my defense, it was close and to be done sooner or later. I feel sooner is coming closer. I am ready for Petra people… we are.


Just because 3 out of 12 of my 2017 chosen destinations were made famous by Game Thrones, doesn’t mean I have ever watched it or will ever watch it. Let’s just put it this way: I have great respect for their taste of destinations, oh especially Iceland!


Habana is the city where time stopped short. We would want to visit before this charm disappears now that Cuba has opened it’s gates. 

11- Canada-Quebec

My real motive for wanting to go to Canada is to see my not yet born nephew. Now it doesn’t hurt that my sister and brother in law live in Montreal. Quebec city is just a 3 hours ride- away. 

12- USA-The Keys

The Keys is the destination we chose initially for our honeymoon. For visa reasons, it was cancelled last-minute ***heartbreak***.  We are still planning to go there… yes we are! 

My dear Erwin don’t you worry, this article doesn’t mean we have to make them all. Now how about a few ones…or maybe one? I blame it on those instagram accounts!