My top 10 “I’ll be back” cities

Now that the year is almost ending, everyone indulges in reminiscence. My personal recollections are always about travels. I can’t help it: when I am not busy planning for a new trip, I am often “revisiting” my favorite ones. Yes I confess: I am a traveler who has fallen in love with a few many cities ***oops***. Like any person in love, I promised myself that I would see them again: “I will be back” I said to myself.

While likes and preferences when it comes to travel are one’s own, here are the 10 city I would want to go back to:

1- Valparaiso (Chile): If there one city that is beautiful because of it’s messiness, it is Valparaiso.

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The cruise we took last March ended up in Valparaiso. Tia Yvonne and Tio Kaka picked us up from the Terminal and gave us a quick tour to Vina del Mar and to Valparaiso. We had two hours before the bus left to Santiago. Although my uncle and aunt lived in Vina del Mar and prefered it, I, on the other hand, fell in love with Valparaiso: it was colourful, artistry, chaotic, magical. It was as if I was looking into the mirror, Valparaiso felt like a part of me. If I had to come back to Chile, Valparaiso would be one of the first places I would go back to. 

2Venice (Italy): If there is one city that embodies romance it is Venice.


I have said it many times and wrote it a few more, Venice took my breath away. I only had a few hours as it was a business -one -day- trip and the meeting was outside Venice, but a few hours were enough to become dazzled and irrevocably under Venice spell.

3Vienna (Austria): If there is one city that is classy and elegant, it is Vienna.

The majesty of Vienna is incomparable to any other: the city exudes art and utter class. We are talking about the city which embraced both Mozart and Beethoven, which enkindled the famous Waltz, the oldest of the current ballroom dances. Opera might have started in Italy, yet the most famous opera house is in Vienna. I will confess: we’ve skipped the opera part during our last visit to Vienna, because we knew we would be coming back.

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4-Paris (France)If there is one city with a “je ne sais quoi” eager to be answered, it is Paris.

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Truth to be told, I can never get enough of Paris. I have been there like a gazillion times yet every time it leaves me in aw. There is no other city which can leave me more enchanted than Paris. 

5-Amsterdam (NL): If there is a city that breathes freedom, it is Amsterdam.

Amsterdam freedom city

Just because we live in the Netherlands, doesn’t mean we live in Amsterdam. We live close-by though in a city called Nijmegen just an hour away***yipppi***We have a saying in Lebanon: “the close church doesn’t heal”. Not when it comes to Amsterdam… it heals me everytime. The aesthetic uniformity of its monuments, the canals, the bridges, the bikes, the cobbled streets, the museum, and strikingly “doll house” architecture is unique…only in Amsterdam! No wonder it is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the World. 

6Krakow (Poland): If there is a city that is magical, it is Krakow.

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My soft spots are always fairy tale like sceneries. Krakow was our honeymoon destination. It can’t get any more romantic than that! Krakow will always be a special place.

7Bangkok (Thailand): If there is one city with a magical chaos, it is Bangkok.

Photo credit goes to Nokty_Airline (Instagram)

The second trip I’ve had was to Thailand. I was a novice in travel, a “newborn” when I first landed in Bangkok. Maybe it was my inexperience , but the chaos of that city was so energizing. I still remember the most horrific drives I have been in where in Bangkok. Just when I thought the Lebanese have the worst driving skills in the world, I got into an accident in a tuktuk. I still remember the tuk tuk driver continuing driving as if nothing happened. I don’t even know why I would want to come back to that, but I do. I have fresher eyes nowadays, so it would be almost as if I am visiting a new city?!?

8Mexico city (Mexico): If there is one city that got away, it is Mexico city.

Photo credit goes to @edavidmuniz (Instagram)

When I visited Mexico in 2009, I went to see my friend Lesley who, the great host that she is, took me everywhere***thank you Less*** Except for technical reasons, we couldn’t do the pyramids and the Frida Kahlo museum in Mexico city. If I would want to come back, it is for these. I would perhaps try to be there for the “Dia del muerte”. Would love to watch the parade!

9Lisbon (Portugal): If there is a city that surprisingly dazzled me, it is Lisbon.


Lisbon was one of the most surprising cities for me. I had no expectations whatsoever when I went there two years ago. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was not expecting whatever Lisbon is. It was not even on my radar of cities to do or visit: I was doing a euro trip back in September two years ago, and my best friend/travel buddy Mireille was going with her sister to Lisbon at the same time. So I decided to join -not to say intrude- and I didn’t regret it at all. Lisbon might not be one of those blockbuster European cities, but it’s authentic history, delicious seafood, good prices, beautiful location and it’s unexpected views makes it, at least for me, one the most beautiful cities.

10- Valetta (Malta): If there is a city that transported me to a different time, it is Valetta.

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If you want to be transported not only to a different place but to a different time, go to Valletta. The fascinating history of  Malta make it sound like you are in the Camelot kingdom. Add to the knight tales a visible intact fortress/castle/city, and you’ve got yourself a time machine.  So yeah we are definitely coming back, we still have a few places to visit anyways, right Erwin? 

Now you tell me, what are the cities you would go back to?