17 places in Lebanon which will give you a serious wanderlust!

I acknowledged very recently in my previous post that my dad was right: Lebanon is the most beautiful country in the whole world. I have traveled far and away in search of a land which will satisfy my insatiable wanderlust, only to discover that it was right here in front me the whole time ***Typical Hollywood love story***

I owe this discovery to Erwin: showing him the best parts of my country made me realize how little did I know about Lebanon and how right was my dad. I wanted for Erwin to fall irrevocably in love with my homeland during this journey; little did I know that my country will put a spell on me too.

Globetrotters take notes, I strongly believe Lebanon should be your next target; not only it is the best food worth traveling destination, but it also contains breathtaking sceneries, a diverse culture, beautiful weather, outstanding nightlife, historical cities, legendary stories which will destroy everything you believed in… But I will leave that last part for another article!

For now, I won’t say more than this, I will let those pictures show you exactly why Lebanon should be on your travel map.



Photographer: unknown


Bacchus Temple, still intact!


The old souk is still very ottoman


Before the Champs Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe, Tyre had their own and it is still standing!


Harissa sunset

6-Deir El Kamar

Deir el Amar plaza

7-Chuwen Lake

Photo credit goes to Lena El Assis


9- Beiteddine


Chtoura Lake

11-East Bekaa

Kefraya Wineries


Al Mansouri Grand Mosque (Photo credit goes to Adriana LeBoss)

13-Balaa- Tannourine

These waterfalls


Photo credit goes to Rima Tarraf

15- Beirut

Photo credit goes to Claudia Crovetto Chadid

16-Annaya- Saint Charbel

Photo credit goes to Rima Tarraf

 17- Cedar Forest Tannourine

Tannourine Cedars Forest

So……what are you waiting for?


  1. Fantastic. I’m sold! Lebanon is beautiful. My husband have just started out a new travel blog, come check it out 🙂


    1. jessaubel says:

      Lebanon is very beautiful and if you decide to go and visit, let know. Would love to help you out. Congrats for the new blog, and keep up the great work 😀


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