The beautiful Inside-Out Curacao

Erwin and I have been planning to go to the Caribbean for almost the day we met. Our initial plan was to elope to the Bahamas, our second was a Florida/Clearwater wedding with a Caribbean cruise as a honeymoon. None of these plans however worked. We ended up having a civil marriage in Cyprus and a religious one in the Netherlands. Both ceremonies were intimate and beautiful, I would not want to change any of it for any other Caribbean beach wedding.


Except these plans were more than a year ago, so we were about to fly away and celebrate our first anniversary. We decided on Curacao and Suriname. It had the Caribbean all over it.

While doing my research online, I encountered an article about Curacao written by one of the greatest travel bloggers Nomadic Matt. I almost second guessed our already booked trip when I read his article (click here to view), especially this following statement:

 Curaçao was, as we say, “meh.” It wasn’t a bad place, but it didn’t blow my mind

I was scared to be disappointed especially that Erwin has already been to Curacao, lived there for two months and talked about it constantly in such an appealing way.

Truth be told, Erwin is the true experienced traveller in our relationship; he has been doing so for such a long time: when he was a kid, his family travelled each year to a different destination swapping houses with their guests ****brilliant**** I still can’t believe how cool my in-laws were and still are.

His love for travel was transferred by his parents and it is exactly that which made him choose an international career: he wanted to travel the world for a living and that is what he did and still does. I hope one day we can do the same and transfer our mutual passion to our children.

I have learned so much from Erwin since we got together. If I am a travel blogger, it is all because of him and his guidance. I might be the writer in our family but he is the real deal when it comes to travelling.

I have always trusted my husband’s judgment and this time too he didn’t fail me….He actually never did! Erwin was right, Matt wasn’t….at least not for me.

I have never been to a destination which was beautiful inside/out.

In fact, Curacao  is one of those underestimated destinations with a lot to offer. Not only a beach destination, it’s  very diverse for a small island: you’ve got the beaches, the UNESCO Heritage coloured center, the mountains, the desert, the nightlife, the great food and my most surprising part was their fascinating  underwater world, which we have discovered without the need of any diving: both Erwin and I are certified divers but have not practiced that sport for a long time. This meant we needed to redo the essential steps and lose one out of our 7 days in Curacao. We decided to skip that step, buy snorkeling gears and discover what the underwater island had to offer through snorkeling. Best investment ever!

I was quite surprised on how beautiful the underwater of Curacao was even from a snorkeling point of view. I have dove in the Maldives and in Thailand, but somehow it was the snorkeling in Curacao which took my breath away both literally and figuratively. I hope it does the same for you too.

First day: Getting more acquainted with our snorkeling gear around our bay.

curacao caribbean
Bamboo Bay
colourful fish
Finding Nemo!

Second day: We booked an ATV ride with Eric’s Adventure. We decided on the EAST part of the Island including a snorkeling excursion. For the purposes of this article, I will skip the East part and focus on the underwater Curacao.

The snorkeling site is called the TUGBOAT. The wreck is shallow enough that you can see everything (the wreck, corals, and fish) from the surface which is a perfect location site for those who can’t scuba dive. It was such an unbelievable experience. It was one of the highlights of our trip!

beautiful corals curacao
Tug Boat

That’s where we met Myron, who was our snorkeling  guide and photographer. He did a great job guiding us around, taking pictures of us underwater as you can see below in the pictures. He made us feel very safe and well taken care of.

Tugboat Curacao


I believe I can fly


Curacao snorkle
Takes our breath away

We shared with Myron our road trip to the West part of the Island and asked him for recommendations on where to snorkel.  He suggested we go to the Blue Room which is one of those hidden gems of Curacao. He had us at Blue!

Third day: This day was a beach hopping day. We rented a car and decided to drive to the WEST part of the Island where MYRONCHITRIP guided us to the mind blowing Blue Cave and it’s underwater. He had some fruits for us to eat, gave us instructions on where to go next after he was gone, and took great pictures of us. 

How to get there: Definitely rent a big car (SUV, 4by4, Pickup trucks) and hire a local guide because you will need to park your car on some amazing beach, and climb some small hill and walk through for another 20-30 minutes to get to the grotto. 

beach curacao
That’s not the Blue Room Cave but the beach where you park

We decided on Myron. He is definitely the snorkeling expert: he is a passionate, environmental guide who loves his island and is eager to share its underwater beauty with the world (tourists and locals). He will not disappoint. I highly recommend you book with him some private snorkeling tours (Blue cave or other)if you decide to discover Curacao’s underwater stunning beauty. Check his IG here and his Facebook page here  

1-Blue Room Cave:

It is definitely the highlight of our trip. It is quite a unique place. Let the photos show  you why.

Blue  Cave Curacao
A room full of magic
Snorkling spots Curacao
My kind of wallpaper


The Sea Urchins are members of the Phylum Echinodermata which includes the Sea stars as well.
Sea Urchin
Holding it softly!

2-Playa Grandi: 

Sea Turtles Curacao

Don’t judge the book by its cover! This tiny fishermen’s pebble beach is popular for snorkeling and diving. Local fishermen bring their catch in and throw the remains of the fish into the water. This brings in turtles, turtles and more turtles…

swimming with the turtles
Ninja Turtle?


3-Klein Knip: We didn’t snorkel on that beach, we were honestly too exhausted. But we did get beers and just relaxed by the beach. Not so bad 😉

Fourth day: We booked a trip to Klein Curacao with Mermaid Boat trips. The boat ride to the small island is two hours. We definitely took some motion sickness pills to make sure we enjoy the trip. I end it up sleeping on the beach the whole time. Erwin on the other hand snorkeled quite a lot. But word of advice, the sea can get pretty tough, so do get those motion sickness pills and have them at least half an hour before the trip starts.

Klein Curacao is one of those must do if you go to Curacao. I will stop at that and leave the rest for another article.

Klein Curacao
Curacao you have been sweet

Now the under water for snorkeling is quite nice but not mindblowing like the Blue Cave or the Tugboat . I read that it is better much better to dive there.

We got to see this little guy!

Fifth day: We rented a car again and drove to the West part of the Island, to Manzalina. (Thank you google and Myron)

Again we had our SUV truck which is a must because the roads to get the beach were pretty rough.

The beach was almost deserted, sandy but not white sandy Caribbean. The underwater was pretty weird in a good way: almost unearthly style with brain like shaped yellow corals almost everywhere. There was not a lot of fish like everywhere else we have been to, but it was still pretty cool. Personally, I prefered it to Klein Curacao from a snorkeling point of view.


Now that I have covered some of the snorkeling spots of Curacao, it is your turn now to answer this question: isn’t Curacao beautiful inside out?