My travel mistakes-Part-2-

After I posted my latest article about “Travel mistakes“, my two favorite travel buddies Mireille and my husband Erwin, reminded me of a few mistakes that I have missed mentioning. I definitely could have not have forgotten them but I had the intention to leave them for the sequels.

Here are some additional errors I have made while travelling  :

6– Not keeping an eye on my belongings: You all know by now that if I had to pick a favorite city it would be Paris without any hesitations. Having said that, you should be fully aware that my many travels there were not always pleasant. How many times have we heard of people being pickpocketed in Paris? I was one of those survivors and I am very sure many of you were as well.

Big Mistake: I was walking through with my friend Aude in the Defense area in a rush to grab lunch and I remember being strongly pushed twice. I looked angrily to check who was violently hitting me on my back and I noticed two 10 years old kids just behind me. So I turned around thinking that I am not gonna unleash my fury on sweet kids who were clearly running around. That was the last time I had my phone with me. I found out later that those “innocent” kids I refused to confront were the ones who pickpocketed my 3 months old Iphone. It seemed it was a very well known strategy: violently pushed by kids = theft in Paris. Talk about the age of un-innocence!

The Good news: On that same trip I had two things stolen: my Iphone and my heart. I met Erwin a day later right under the Eiffel Tower. I only wish all thefts can be that magical.


AdviceKeep your bags closed and very close to you, place your phones and cameras either in your closed pockets and/or bags.

7Not backing up pictures: Oh man that still hurts so much when I remember it. It was december 2008 and I just bought myself a new canon 12 megapixel camera at the time for a lot of money just before my trip to Sri Lanka/Maldives. I remember being so proud of my new purchase. I wanted every Kodak moment to be taken with my new Canon. Thank God Mireille didn’t listen to me and took a few pictures on hers. I am so grateful to have a great friend like her.



Big mistakeIt was a trip of a lifetime. And most of it will remain in my memory because my awesome camera was stolen in the airport while I was waiting for my connection flight. I fell asleep on my seat with my camera next to me and when I woke up it was gone (that brings me back to advice number-6-)! All our diving trips, the breathtaking sceneries, the cultural side, the new year celebrations, the hotels… all gone.


The camera case had not only our trip pictures but also my credit cards and some left over cash money. I remember I had to spend 8 hours at the airport while holding a big size Toblerone that I was able to buy for a close friend who had to undergo brain surgery before having my camera case stolen. I ended up eating the chocolate: I was starving people!

The Good newsA few years ago Erwin as well had his whole backpack stolen at the train station while coming back from the Bahamas where he worked for 9 months. Now we both have good excuses to come back to Sri Lanka/ Maldives and to the Bahamas this time together. We need new pictures!

Advice: Back up your pictures no matter where you travel either on icloud, or on google photos or wherever you want.

8Two wheels trolleys or travel luggage: I bought so many of those.

Big Mistake: I didn’t pay attention to the wheels part. All I wanted was cool luggage. I was not aware of any other way until I bought my 4 wheels 30 kilos Travel Luggage. I couldn’t believe that it was so light to carry compared to the 8 kilos trolley.


The good news: Now I know!

Advice: Always check the wheels when buying luggage. You need four wheels for comfortable travel

9Packing liquids in my carry on:Whoever has travelled from Beirut International Airport knows well that international regulations don’t apply there including the “no >100 ml liquids in hand luggage” rule.

Big mistake: I was going to Thailand from Beirut with my whole perfume set (talking about packing mistakes). In Beirut airport there was no objection whatsoever to the liquids I had. Transiting in Bangkok, I was stopped and searched: they found the 4 or 5 bottles of perfumes I had and was told that I was not allowed to bring them in. I was furious: I fought with the lady guard for like 10 minutes trying to save my perfumes. I had to give up eventually. Lesson was learned, never again!

The Good news: This Thailand trip was my second which was good for me because I learned early on to follow the travel regulations. I am so glad I decided to give up the fight and giveaway my perfumes: they were replaceable but not my trip to the beautiful Thailand.

Advice: Always follow the security rules, they are made for a reason.

10- Travelling with the wrong person: Travelling with someone is a very big commitment. It can ruin friendships and relationships.

Big mistake: Any country no matter how beautiful can be ruined just because of the bad company. There will be fights, disagreements, nagging…all negative emotions that can ruin paradise for anyone. I can only reveal that it happened to me a few times. Even Rome was no longer glorious for me.

The good news: Travelling as I said tests relationships (friendship or love). If you succeed at it then you’ve got yourself not only a travel companion but most importantly you’ve got yourself a life companion.


Advice: Think twice before you decide to fly away with someone.

***To be continued***