May Tulip Fever

IMG_0025It is that time of the year! Tulips are blooming everywhere, especially at the Keukenhof park which opens it’s doors for tourists from March 24th till the 16th of May.

If this park is on your bucket list, like it was for me, then I  highly recommend you to visit it. When you are there you get the impression that you are constantly surrounded by an earthly rainbow. It is one of the most beautiful parks I have ever been to and the busiest as well. So don’t expect a very zen experience: just keep in mind that you may not be able to to connect with nature and meditate for it is too crowded .

Erwin and I drove from Nijmegen, where we live, it took us almost two hours to get there. Will we do it again?  I don’t think so; it is far and very busy everyday and every hour of the day. The park sounds like a Babel Tower ; as you are having your stroll  you will hear a variety of languages around. From every corner of the world, people gather at the same exact period of time to admire the beauty of what I like to call the ” Tulip fever”. I noticed that among the visitors only a few speak dutch …actually Erwin did!

Although our drive was pretty far, the distance varies depending on your starting point. The closest are Amsterdam and Leiden. If you take the bus from Schiphol Airport it is just a 20 minutes drive, the same as from Leiden. As for the Hague it is a 40 minutes drive and from Rotterdam it is 50 minutes.

My advice is to go as early as possible and to buy your tickets online. This season the e-tickets were  16 euros per person, the parking 6 euros .

If you need to take the public transport, please refer to the link below. It will give you prices from different areas in the Netherlands

You won’t find too many restaurants in the park. As for the food, it is not massively impressive, however the prices are acceptable as you don’t feel ripped off in this highly touristic place.  I can also tell you that the toilets were clean***Yippiiiiiiiii***

Another good news: the park is dog friendly and our little pug  was the highlight of the  alongside the beautiful arrangements of flowers and tulips. People actually stopped us a zillion times to take pictures of our little dog! Well, not really a zillion but you know what I mean **proud mama syndrome** I think he is the cutest thing ever, but I don’t tell him that because we don’t want him to go all Diva on us! That behaviour will never be allowed Hooch!

While The Netherlands is attracting tourists with Tulip Fever, Japan on the other side of the world is attracting tourists with Cherry Blossom Fever and that my friends will be our next bucket list destination to visit, create memories and to share with you all on my wonderland blog…one sweet day, I hope.