Once upon a time, I was attending a seminar in Paris back in October 2013. While on a break, I decided to walk to the Trocadero and take some pictures of the Eiffel Tower. I didn’t know a few things back then:

I didn’t know that while I was trying to take that picture, a bird would photobomb my frame. However this fortunate chaotic split of a second made me look like a better photographer. Thank you little birdy !

I didn’t know that my daddy would pass away just three days after coming back home from this great trip. I remember his last words to me just while he was on his way to his fatal morning walk:” Jesse it is time to wake up”! Unfortunately this sad chaotic event made me grow up faster. I was no longer Peter Pan. I became this responsible girl my daddy always wanted me to be…And no, I will not thank anyone for that .

I didn’t know either that a year later while I was attending another seminar in Paris in November 2014, I would meet the love of my life under the Eiffel Tower.This fortunate well planned date made me a happily married woman eight months later. Thank you Tinder ! Oopsy daisy …

On the other hand, what I have always known is how  utterly blessed and lucky  I was. I always knew I will encounter something that was bigger than myself ..and I did ! I did the day I met Erwin. He was that last piece of my puzzle , that one piece that makes the whole puzzle make some damn sense.

We had to cross continents and fly over oceans for our paths to meet. I don’t know how we would have reunited  if we were living in another time .

What I know now is that we all are a part of a bigger movement.We are citizens of a greater and wider globe. We are the citizens of a new world where frontiers are opening, travelling is becoming easier, internet is accessible to most of us, and where a lot of social media are making connections to the other side of the world our daily bread.

We live in a world where the impossible is becoming more and more possible, where we are transcending our space limitations and hopefully one day our time limitations.

And I want to be a part of this new world .I  want to be able to transport my followers through my photographs and my travel ideas to places which seemed very far fetched.

My blog’s purpose is to make the distance between us smaller and smaller, the best way I can.

My ultimate dream is for my blog to become this wallpaper on your desktop that makes your day at work way easier : “I am working here to be able to go there and pay for that” kind of positive thinking.

Wish me luck !



  1. beautiful post. i love the blog jessica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. jessaubel says:

      Thank you adriana sweety ❤ I am glad you like it !


  2. I wish you all the best in the world siss, I always knew you were not made for one place, a great task await both of you, the journey has just began xoxoxo


    1. jessaubel says:

      Thank you khayye ! ❤ A great task awaits all of us 😀


  3. Joey says:

    Very cool Jess! Love it

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    1. jessaubel says:

      thank you joey 🙂


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